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Elvis Week 2015

By Admin on 11-August-15 00:47. Comments (0)
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Celebrate Elvis Week 2015 at Jerry Lee Lewis' Cafe & Honky Tonk  in Memphis August 8-16 with special events, guests, live music, great food, and more!

Featured performers include: Gary Hardy, Matt Joyce, Jeff Rainey, Allan Hart, Erock, and Frank Werth!

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Fireball Bartender Ball

By Jen Harp on 06-May-14 18:11. Comments (0)
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Join us tonight as we celebrate the service industry with our good friends at Fireball Whisky, Firefly Moonshine, Firefly Vodka, and Buffalo Trace. 

We're throwing a party that Memphis has been dreaming about for years. 

We've got the legendary Jen Lasher, DJ Tubbs, and The Jason James Trio ready to